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From this day, as in 4•16•14, you’ll be stuck with me forever. You’ll be stuck with me till death do us part. You’ll be stuck making me your wife, the mother of your children, & your soul mate. There’s no turning back after this day. In less then 14 days, with many tears, many many fights, & many memories, we’ll be making a year. O n e year. From this day, I’m done giving up. I’m done trying to throw something I know I want forever away. I’m fighting for this no matter what, even if you wouldn’t want it anymore, I’ll make you want it. You are what I want & you are what I’m keeping by my side when I enter the real world. My love for you will always be there, it will always remain. It will grow much stronger & my heart will go more fonder. I couldn’t thank you enough for how much you’ve impacted my life. You’ve showed me more than I’ve ever seen before. You’ve helped me learn & you’ve helped me love. We may not always have it together, but I promise, together we’ll have it all. Together we’ll make something out of ourselves, together we’ll know & feel love. Together we can change the world. I want to always be a part of you. I want to always feel your arms around me, your lips on my lips, your back on my stomach, my arms wrapped around you. I want all the little things. I want to be the one to help you get what you want, & I want you to be the one to help me get what I want. Together we can do it all. Let’s just make the whole wide world jealous of this relationship, of the shit we got, of the shit we’ll get together. Let’s show the people what a R E A L relationship should be like. We may have our downfalls, but we always bounce back will a never ending love story. You’re all that I can think about, you’re all that I want, & you’re all that I need. One day, we’ll have our little family, our little wedding, our dinners at the tables, our bubble baths together, & I can’t wait.
I love you, baby. I really do…

I don’t understand how one minute I can make you the happiest guy in the world, but the next, I can make you the most miserable. I don’t understand what I do half the time to even cause you to hate me at moments & just not want to be associated with me. I love you to death & out of all of the relationships I’ve been in, i’ve never loved someone so much. You are my rock, my shield, my Prince Charming. You are seriously the reason I look forward to waking up in the morning. You’re the reason why I smile so much. If I could change one thing in this relationship, it’d be the way we go about things. I wouldn’t scream nor get mad at you, & you wouldn’t push me away every time something happens between us. If I could change one thing in this relationship, it’d be the fact thaT I wasn’t so stupid. I care about you so much. & I care about this relationship. Delven, I wish you would know how much you truly mean to me. I wish you would just know how much being with you makes me happy. I’ve never begged for a guy before, I let my guard down for you, & i would do it all over again if it means having you by my side; always. I don’t know much things about us, & what it’s going to be like in the next few days, but right now, I know that I fucking love you. & I know that I’m in love with you and it just feels great to say that. I know that I want you by my side till death do us part. & I know I want you as the father to my child & the man I lay my head down at night with. I want whatever we have forever & I pray every night that it can happen; that nothing separates us, that we can go through hell and back & at the end of the day, we’re still together, loving each other. No man has made me feel this way, and I truly believe that no one can. It’s only you & I can promise you that. I love you, baby. Goodnight.


when you feel the first cramp


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I could have given up on love a long time ago, but that would have meant giving up on you. And I just can’t let that happen. I can’t lose the only boy I’ve ever cared so deeply about. I wish the fights didn’t exist; our relationship wouldn’t have any worries. But I know, I’ll love you through them all. We hardly express our feelings to each other, we’re both losing hope, but we need to regain it all back. There’s not a moment that I think I should be w/ another boy, ‘cause you’re the only thing that stays on my mind. I don’t & will not go out looking for someone else, you’re all I want and more. Your not just some guy, your my guy. Your my heart, my best friend, my rock, & my boyfriend. I want you to know that I love you with every piece of my heart. This relationship is a blessing, but it can easily turn into a lesson. But I don’t want that, & sometimes I feel like I need to push to that, just so I know you’d fight for it, so I know you actually do care. I don’t know how you feel about us anymore, but I hope this isn’t a waste of time. I care & cherish you in every form possible. I don’t see anyone taking the love I have for you away. This relationship can either lead to a heartbreak or a happy ending. & I’m definitely aiming for that happy ending. I’ve loved you since i first received that one month anniversary text & I’ve loved you for almost 11 months after that and I know I’ll love you till the end. You’re one of a kind & I know with every downfall we have, we’ll always rise above them all.


The morning she wakes up and she doesn’t care what you are up too or doing on your phone. Is the morning that she has changed, given up. Something deep inside her has no want or care. Everything you usually do is being dismissed by her, by the shrug of her shoulders. There’s no more effort coming from her voice when she sounds the same like same mono tone. She lays in bed with different thoughts now. Nothing matters, not a care.

She woke up feeling completely different.

The taste of his lips were heavenly.

He’s not who he used to be, no more games, he changed.

He makes my heart race,

everytime I see his face.

His eyes are like the night skies,

a smile so warm like a sunset.

Hearing him speak, makes my heart weak.


I did not know someone could be everything in one.

I knew that if I got him, I would have won.

The smell of his cologan still lingers around the room.

The touch of his lips sent me to space,

as he gave me a kiss,

that he couldn’t miss.


I think of our love

sent from heaven above.

Hearing him say “I love you,”

has bought us together.

No matter what, our hearts wont rip.

His kisses are a drug.

As his lips are on mine,

I feel as if I can fly.